November 28, 2023

5 Exercises to strengthen lower back pain

Exercising increases blood flow to the affected area where it is painting. It reduces the tightness of the muscles and gives instant relief from back pain. Some back-pain relief exercises are quite effective to provide relief. Incorporate them into your daily life for living a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes, it’s your weak muscles that make it difficult to handle back pain. Regular exercise will strengthen your muscle and provide extra support to the joints.

Low as well as upper back pain affect your life adversely. To encounter lower back pain, start doing back strengthening exercises regularly. Begin from light lower back pain exercises to avoid extra burden on your joints and muscles. We are listing down 5 important exercises for lower back pain.


Gluteus Maximum is the strongest muscle of the body and largest of the buttock. It supports movement on the hip and some hip extension activities. If it is weak, this will lead to back pain.

  1. Keeping feel flat on the floor, lie on the ground.
  2. Press your feet to the floor by lifting the buttock off to bring your body in a straightforward position. Shoulders must be on the floor and hands by your side. Hold this position for 10-15 seconds.
  3. Low down and repeat the same 15 times. Doing 3 sets is sufficient.

Lying lateral Leg Raises

Hip abductor muscles assist in leading your leg to the side and away from the body. It also helps to support the pelvis when a person is in a standing position. This low back pain exercise will improve balance and mobility by bringing stability to the muscles.

  1. Keep your lower leg bent on the ground while lying on one side
  2. Put your belly button into the spine to engage the core
  3. Liftoff your top leg keeping the rest of the body part in rest
  4. Hold for 2 seconds and repeat the same for at least 10 seconds on another side as well

Partial curls

The abdominal muscle supports the spine by keeping the alignment appropriate. Follow the given steps for doing partial curls.

  1. Lying on the ground and keep feet flat on the floor, bend the knees
  2. Make a cross over your chest with the hands
  3. Do deep breathing, exhale and tighten your abdominals by pulling out the belly button inwards to the spine
  4. Lift your shoulders off the ground. The neck must be in line with the spine instead of rounding
  5. Return to the initial position, repeat 10 times and perform 3 sets

4) Knee-to-chest stretches

Knee to chest lower back pain exercise helps in relieving tension and pain. To know how you can do it, follow the given steps.

  1. Lie on your floor with your back on the ground
  2. Keeping the feet flat, bend the knees
  3. Using your both hands, pick up one knee towards the chest
  4. Hold the knee for 5 seconds against the chest
  5. Keep the abdominal tight pressing spine to the floor
  6. Come back to the initial position and repeat with another le now for 2-3 times a day

5) Wall Sits

Doing wall sits is the simplest back pain relief exercise. It enhances your posture and is known as the main reason for back pain-related issues.

  • Stay in a standing position against a wall maintaining 6-8 inches of distance
  • Keeping the spine flat and leaning against the wall, slide by knees bending a little
  • Come into a position where hips and knees are straight
  • Be in this position initially for 30 seconds and slide back up against the wall.
  • Perform 5-6 sets.

Bottom Line

Doing the above back pain relief exercise will keep your body free from stress. These will also keep your mind in a relaxed state. Avoid skipping on a single day and for the best results, ask your physical therapists. He knows what is appropriate for you depending on the severity of back pain.