November 28, 2023

Consumption of Marijuana- The Right Way

Cannabis also known as Marijuana is one of the most commonly used illicit drugs across the world. As per a recent survey by the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), approximately 19.8 million people across the USA use Marijuana. Even though there exists a lot of myth regarding Cannabis, it has been in use from ages. It comes from dried flowering pots and is useful in relieving severe pain, nausea, chronic diseases, etc. Marijuana consists of almost 120 substances, out of which the main component is Cannabidiol (CBD), and delta -9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the key main mind-altering substance in marijuana. It has a place in the medical field also, due to its many heroic features that make it one of the most researched plants used in medicine. It has shown its use in the treatment of nausea, vomiting, muscle control problems, etc. Some researchers are also on the verge of finding the potential of marijuana extracts in killing cancer cells.

Legalization of Marijuana:

Colorado and Washington were the first states to legalize Marijuana for recreational purposes in 2012.  The legalization of recreational marijuana came into effect from December 2016, thus giving a big platform for business and bringing a stop to the black market. After legalization, many Arizona Marijuana Dispensary came up and made people aware of the benefits of marijuana if taken in prescribed proportion. Even though marijuana remains illegal under federal law, many states have commercialized recreational marijuana thus making good business out of it. The legalization comes with many rules, like the age limit for consumption, how much a person can buy and possess at once, the packaging, and taxes. The stores cannot ask for personal information other than government-issued identification to determine the consumer’s age.

Guide to buying marijuana:

Consumers must be aware of the basic difference between medicinal and recreational marijuana. Medicinal marijuana contains a higher amount of CBD, and recreational marijuana contains a higher amount of THC. For medical marijuana, you need a proper prescription, but you don’t need one for recreational marijuana if it’s legal in your state.  But this does not apply to those who are below 21 years of age. There are many ways to consume pot. You can either use a bong, joints and vape pens, edible and other products. There are many dispensaries available in the market. You should be of legal age and should have the license to buy from the authorized dispensaries. The marijuana is available in two branches Indica and Sativa. Indica is high in CBD and low in THC, thus promoting body relaxation. Whereas sativa is just the opposite. It’s high in THC and low in CBD giving a psychoactive effect. A third variant is also available named, hybrids. These have the properties of both Indica and sativa. You will get cannabis in four variants namely flower, concentrates, edibles and applications. Some products with high CBD are available which helps in relieving from physical pain, anxiety and even depression.

It’s not bad to consume prescribed marijuana but whenever you’re consuming it always be mindful of the dosage amount and your tolerance level towards the product. It’s always good to have under your limits to gain the medical benefits that it has to offer. So if you want to consume marijuana then do check out the Arizona Marijuana Dispensary or other available dispensaries and try out the various marijuana’s that they have to offer.