February 22, 2024

Drug Rehab Facility – A Focus on Health and Overall Well-being

Drug addiction remains one of the leading problems in society. Hence, the very reason why there are many rehabilitation facilities around the world. In an attempt to address the growing problem of addiction, there are plenty of drug rehabs in Illinois. Such rehab facilities do not only focus on the addiction per se, but most importantly on the patient’s overall health and well-being.

A focus on health –

One of the things highlighted in a rehab facility is the patient’s overall health and nutrition. Addiction to drugs and alcohol deprives the body of essential nutrients, causing a wide array of symptoms like low energy level, lack of sleep, headaches, and discomfort. In a rehab center, patients’ meals are predetermined and planned to ensure that patients will be able to receive optimum nutrition. The diet usually consists of dopamine-boosters, low-glycemic, high protein, and high in fiber and unsaturated fats.

Ongoing support –

Rehab facilities provide patients with ongoing support not only during their stay in the facility, but also after they leave. Such facilities have support groups that look after the welfare of the patients, ensuring an addiction-free lifestyle. Most of all, it helps avoid situations like setbacks and relapse that could turn all the rehab efforts to waste. It will turn successful rehab treatment into a successful future. Ongoing support plays a crucial role in the patient’s recovery because post-acute withdrawal symptoms are long-lasting. It could last from 12 to 18 months after detox. Clinical manifestations of post-acute withdrawal symptoms include depression, mood swings, anxiety, poor concentration, easy irritability, and diminished appetite. These clinical manifestations will lead to relapse if the patient is not aware of them and is not able to manage them the right way. Therefore, ongoing support after graduating from rehab is a must.