November 28, 2023

Everything About Toenail Fungus And The Right Treatment

Everyone has certainly heard about toenail fungus, but there is a high chance that most of you do not understand how serious this condition can get if it goes untreated. Here you will learn more about toenail fungus, how the treatment works and what the usual causes are.

First of all, you need to choose a reputable clinic that will take care of your feet with care. You could check out or take a glance at your local clinics, and choose one that has the highest reputation and many satisfied patients.

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What is nail fungus?

This is a very common condition that usually starts as a small yellow or white dot under your fingernails or toenails. When this infection goes deeper, your nail will start to get discolored, thick and eventually crumble away at the end. Often times, it affects more than just one nail.

In most cases, this condition is very mild, and people who have this condition will not even know it. On the other hand, if you have a more serious fungal infection, it can cause you a lot of daily pain, so visit your podiatrist.

Symptoms to look out for:

  • Thickened nail.
  • Brittle, ragged or crumbly nail.
  • A dark color, that can be caused by the debris build up.
  • Whitish to yellow-brown discoloration.
  • Smelly feet.

Even though this condition is often mild, it can also cause serious issues, and that is why you need to visit a doctor on time. Check out the fingernail fungus treatment at ModPod Podiatry, or talk to your podiatrist and tell him about any foot problems and pain you might be experiencing. It is very important that you do not try and avoid the inevitable.

How to prevent

The following habits could help you prevent nail fungal infection and athlete’s foot, so you better listen carefully:

  • Make sure to wash your hands and feet regularly, and you need to wash your hands if you have touched your infected nail.
  • Tim your nails straight across and then smooth the edges and file down the thickness. Use clean and disinfected clippers.
  • Choose shoes that are made out of materials that allow you to bread.
  • Make sure to wear proper footwear when you are in public pools and locker rooms.
  • Give up on nail polish and artificial nails.
  • Wear seat-absorbing socks or make sure to change your socks a couple of times a day.
  • Choose a proper nail salon that sterilizes manicure tools for each customer.

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Final word

At the end of the day, there are many factors that could help you prevent this condition and many that can cause it, so make sure to read up on the overall information about fungal infection. In case you think you have this condition you should visit your podiatrist never take matters into your own hands, because you could make the situation much worse.