August 3, 2021

Everything you need to know about Algae Omega 3 Supplement

When we talk about algae, the only thing we would all imagine would be green, slimy beings that are found anywhere there’s water. Most people have this tendency of associating algae with rotting substance. However, a very limited number of people know that algae are extremely useful and healthy. Algae are neither flora nor fauna. They come somewhere between, since they can synthesize energy from sunlight but lack basic features of plants.

One of the most popular and common form of algae is seaweed, something that is consumed on a daily basis in countries, like Korea and Japan. This proves that algae are very much edible. However, only limited countries have recipes and cuisines that make use of algae. Majority of nations are alien to the use of algae as food. This is why, algae have very carefully been used to make algae omega 3 supplement. This also makes it apparent that algae have omega 3 in them.

What’s Omega 3?

Now, what’s omega 3? Omega 3 is one of the essential nutritional elements that human beings are supposed to have. They have various benefits, majorly for the heart. However, most of omega 3 fatty acids come from fishes and meat. This is why, while non-vegetarians consume an abundant quantity of omega 3 fatty acids through their diet, vegetarians and vegans might suffer from a deficiency of it.

Why Algae Omega 3 supplements?

Well, the answer is simple. Because vegetarians and vegans deserve to have their share of omega 3 fatty acids in their body too. Algae omega 3 supplements are one of the best ways of having the needed amounts of omega 3. There are various ways in which algae-based omega 3 supplements are useful for the body, as mentioned below-

1. They help in reducing the chances of heart relate conditions by regulating the cardiovascular functions.
2. They also regulate nervous system functioning.
3. They help in fighting various diseases and keeping the gut healthy by strengthening the immune system.
4. They help in enhancing concentration, focus, and memory in individuals.
5. They also help in preventing age-related cognitive dysfunctions, like Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, etc.
6. They provide energy for people who suffer from diabetes.
7. They help in a healthy development of the fetus in pregnant women.

Can Algae Omega 3 supplements make up for fish supplements?

For years and years, people who would have a non-vegetarian diet wouldn’t be able to stop bragging about how fishes are the best sources of omega 3 fatty acids. To the disappointment of every person who would brag about it, algae omega 3 supplements have benefits that are similar to that of fish supplements. In fact, one interesting fact is that a number of algae omega 3 supplements are needed in a lower recommended dose than fish omega 3 supplements. This is enough f fact to prove that algae omega 3 supplements are just as good for health and beneficial as are fish supplements.

Algae based omega 3 fatty acids are mainly composed of EPA and DHA. These are the two much needed elements of omega 3 fatty acids. Yet another interesting fact is that EPA and DHA that are found in fishes comes from algae. Since small fishes eat algae and bigger fishes feed on the smaller fishes that consume algae, the EPA and DHA would make it to the fishes that finally human beings would eat. This is why, algae have a more concentrated form of EPA and DHA, which is why you need algae-based supplements in a lower dose.

Having algae-based supplements instead of fish supplements is a good idea not just for vegans and vegetarians. While it would be the preferred form of omega 3 for vegans, as more and more people start having algae omega 3 supplements, we would be able to save fishes. Moreover, chances of adulteration and contamination is more for fish-based supplements.