April 14, 2024

Four Important Tips to Keep in Mind when Bouldering

There are many reasons you may want to take part in climbing or bouldering. As you defy gravity and other laws of nature, you get the rush. Also, you get the surge of strength when you pull yourself up a vertical surface and hang like Spiderman.

Bouldering is a close cousin of mountain climbing but it will offer you the same top-of-the-world feeling of accomplishment. Plus, it is a muscle-pumping and heart-pounding workout. Taking part in bouldering does not require you to invest in a mountain of specialised gear. You just need to have a good pair of climbing shoes, chalk, and a chalk bag. Bouldering is definitely an excellent way to gauge your interest in taking on higher forms of vertical challenges without investing a significant amount of time. If you are planning to engage in bouldering, the tips below can help you:

Take Time to Think Before you Act

Bouldering in climbing gym in Montreal is both a mental and physical activity. Before starting, check out the rock and visualise your route. Choose the most efficient path and stick to it. This will ensure you don’t end up wasting your efforts. Also, you need to be flexible. Always stay calm especially if you find a bad path. As bouldering helps you develop your problem-solving skills, you will be able to strengthen your mind and body.

Make the Most of your Leg Strength

To become a great climber, you do not need a significant amount of upper-body strength. Sure, a strong back, core, and arms, and shoulders will help in keeping a hold of the rock and supporting you when moving across the surface. However, in terms of climbing, the real power is in your legs. Thus, concentrate on pushing with your legs while puling with our arms.

Keep a Distance between you and the Rock

When climbing, you should not get as close to the boulder as possible. Ensure there is a distance between you and the rock to keep your hips centred over your feet. This will provide you with more stability. Keep in mind that bouldering is a sport of balance instead of strength. Each move you make must concentrate on maintaining balance.

Avoid Making Rigid, Isolated Movements

Focus on keeping your body relaxed with your weight centred on both legs when making your way across the rock. When you move one foot to the next foothold, your whole body must go with it so you can shift your weight to keep a sense of balance.