November 28, 2023

Getting Body Treatments from a Spa

Body treatments are whole body facials that leave your skin feeling smooth and soft. They are meant to cleanse, exfoliate, and hydrate the skin. They are wellness procedures that benefit the body no matter the time of the year, although they are particularly essential during the winter because to keep the skin moisturised. If you are visiting a spa soon to get body treatments, use this guide to know what to expect:

Kinds of Body Treatments

Most spas provide the following body treatments and you might want to get all of them if you can afford for maximum benefits. The benefits you can enjoy will depend on the kind of body treatment you get.

  • Body Scrubs. This exfoliating treatment happens on a massage table covered with a big, thin piece of plastic and sheet. The staff at the spa assigned to you may ask you to remove your clothing or give you disposable underwear to cover some parts of your body.

While you lay on your stomach, your massage therapist will rub a mix of sea salt, aromatics, and oil into your skin. This is meant to exfoliate your skin and leave it feeling soft and fresh. This procedure can take up to fifteen minutes. After this procedure, you will be asked to shower off the salt without soap. Body scrubs use different essential oils or scrub materials such as peppermint salt glow, orange blossom or a cucumber salt glow.

  • Body Mask and Body Wrap. These body treatments usually occur after a scrub. After you take a shower to rinse off the salt and return to the treatment table, your esthetician will slather you with mud, seaweed, and algae and wrap you in a thermal blanket. As this treatment stimulates your metabolic system, waste products can be carried away faster. Also, a body wrap is used for treating cellulite. Sometimes, it produces a diuretic effect which helps you lose weight temporarily. Learn more about these treatments at

What you should Do After Getting Body Treatments

After a body treatment, you can expect your skin to be a little tender. This is especially possible if you went through a deep body scrub. But, you can always shower after a body treatment as long as you lather your body with soap. Also, you need to gently rub your washcloth in circles to eliminate any leftover lotion or dead skin.