November 28, 2023

Pointers To Keep Before Owning A Dog

There are many things you need to think about before getting a dog, and one of them are the added expenses you will have. This is why you need to have a trusted animal hospital to which you will take your pet, and a good example of such a hospital is the professional Killara vet like Gordon Vet Hospital.

How to choose the right dog?

First of all, dogs tend to take up a lot of time and energy, and while they are quite rewarding, if you live alone and you need to work 20h a day, then perhaps a dog is not the best choice for you. Honestly, busy people are not recommended to have a pet in general, because your pet needs your attention.

If you are often at home, and you really want a dog, you should try and find a dog walker for your pet. This way, your dog will get regular exercise and attention from you. Another great advice is to get a breed that is not that needy.

Dogs need regular exercise

But, no matter which breed you have, the dog needs to not only be suitable for your lifestyle but to your home as well. It does matter if you live in a shoebox apartment or a big house with a yard. You should not get a big dog breed if you live in a small place because the dog can have medical issues, be bored or chew on your belongings.

Always have in mind the weather of your town, because not all dogs handle heat and not all of them can handle cold either. This is why if you live in a house and you intend to keep your dog outside, you should make sure that that breed does not have a problem with your climate.

Should I adopt?

For some reason, people tend to think that it is a bad thing to adopt an adult dog. However, keep in mind that all pets need love, and the dog that you adopt will always be grateful to you. On top of that, puppies usually require a lot of training and if you do not want to have everything chewed up and covered with urine, you can adopt an already trained house dog.

Have fun

Regardless of the dog breed, you chose to get in the end, you have to remember to have fun. This dog will be with you for a long time, and you need to treat him as a member of your family because that is exactly what he will do.

Healthy food

A lot of people think that dogs are not supposed to eat ‘people food’, meaning chicken, beef, fish, or other meat, together with vegetables. However, this is completely false, because dogs are omnivores, which means they can settle for a couple of different diets.

Dogs can eat both meat, veggies and fruits

Some dogs can even go vegetarian with a strict diet that will help them build muscle mass and stay healthy. However, the best way to know what to feed your dogs is to simply get advice from your veterinarian.

Final word

Just like we need regular exercise, good food, love and doctors, our pets need that too. This is why you should find a vet hospital you trust, and a good example of that might be the professional Lindfield vet like Gordon Vet Hospital.