August 3, 2021

Top 5 Fitness Accessories Every Woman Needs To Buy!

Fitness is a way of life, and you don’t need membership of an expensive gym to get started. Women, in particular, tend to develop lifestyle diseases sooner than men. Thyroid issues, hormonal imbalances, PCOD, obesity, diabetes – The list just goes on. Changing your lifestyle doesn’t take a lot. Yes, you have to watch your diet, but exercise is equally important, if not more. To get motivated and started to workout at home, you need accessories, which can be purchased from fitness sites like Framing and Foundation. In this post, we are sharing the fitness accessories every woman needs right now.

  • A set of dumbbells

We know that people have talked at length about cardio and benefits of HIIT for weight loss, but for long-term weight loss and to tone your body, you need to get started with some form of weight training. You wouldn’t bulk up like a man because your body doesn’t have the necessary hormones for that, but you will see a change in how your muscles look. For dumbbells, you don’t need a lot. Go for 2kg and 3kg dumbbells initially, and you can get bigger ones as you graduate to the next level.

  • Stretch bands and jump rope

Resistance training is a great way to shape up, and you will find all kinds of stretch bands in the market, including those that have handles. Starters can go for anything that has low to medium resistance, and you will be surprised how these bands can be used for core training. A jump rope is your carry-on accessory for everything cardio. You can take the jump rope to the park on a lazy day to burn a few calories.

  • Medicine and exercise balls

If you are someone who likes to experiment with your routine and workouts, getting a medicine ball and another exercise ball can be insanely useful. These are easy to use for strength and conditioning, but more importantly, these are versatile as workout accessories. Just ensure that you get your products from a store like Framing & Foundation that can be relied upon. Balance balls need to be strong enough to hold your weight.

  • Kettlebells

Kettlebell is one of the few fitness accessories that are extremely useful for women in particular. If you are into strength training or want to move beyond dumbbells, Kettlebells are great for doing exercise in a limited space. Go for a 4kg Kettlebell at the least initially, and as you get comfortable with the workouts, you can consider expanding further.

  • Yoga mat

You may not be a fan of yoga, but a yoga mat is a multifunctional accessory for your home gym. These are non-skidding mats, so you can use these for getting extra support for certain movements, crunches, and other exercises like pushups. Yoga, in itself, can be a great tool for enhancing flexibility and improving your fitness.

Check online stores now and get your home gym ready. As you may have guessed, all it takes is some initial effort.